Welcome to Ad Astra Academy Trust’s Blog

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22nd February 2017
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8th March 2017
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Welcome to Ad Astra Academy Trust’s Blog

Welcome to Ad Astra Academy Trust’s Blog

As you are aware Ad Astra has a moral purpose embedded in our values, which is a commitment to success for all our children. We strongly believe in enquiry-based practice, where both collaborative engagement and generosity of spirit across the Ad Astra family are crucial to our success.

Collaboratively our mantra is:

  • working smarter together, rather than harder alone

To support our moral purpose and develop our links across the trust our mantra is:

  • learning from, with and on behalf of one another.

Many years ago I was involved with a national project Networked Learning Communities headed by David Jackson of the Innovation Unit (Twitter @bluesandstuff ) much of what we did then are just as relevant today.

At Ad Astra, we want to use;

Public Knowledge-The knowledge from theory, research and best practice….and…..

Practitioner Knowledge-The knowledge of those involved –practitioners and contextual knowledge

To create…..New Knowledge-The new knowledge that we can create together through collaborative work and enquiry to transform our schools.


Please feel free to write on this blog by sending the content to andy.brown@adastraacademytrust.com we value your thoughts, your work and your impact.




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