Some thoughts on work – life balance

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22nd February 2017
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15th March 2017
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Some thoughts on work – life balance

At Brougham we survey staff about work-life balance in order to find out if things are being done just for the sake of it.

We constantly review paperwork and stop paperwork that isn’t really needed. Unless the teacher is new, then planning is minimal. All scrutinies etc are done in the day and staff are released. We have Leadership time built into release timetable to ensure the key stage leaders are not overworked.

Work-life balance is a constant agenda item in leadership meetings. Apart from staff and team meetings staff aren’t really directed and are free to go home and fit their work around their other responsibilities.

Working smarter is encouraged rather than working harder.

“Reflection” Time is built into the staff meeting timetable to allow staff to reflect on new innovations and to reflect on their pedagogy. Staff are always allowed to attend their own child’s performances and sports days etc.

We have a half termly time table set out in weeks which is created by the DHT. The assembly themes, staff meeting themes and deadlines are all set out to remind people and to help them fit the deadlines into their other commitments.

When the need arises staff give freely of their time. We don’t do anything differently from other practitioners but we think that the constant revision of practice helps. Our overall priority is to ensure that all staff are enthusiastic and energised in order to provide the best standard of education for our pupils.

Julie Thomas – 2017

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