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About Ad Astra Academy Trust

Ad Astra Academy Trust was created in 2014 and is based in the North East of England. It was launched in January 2015 as a result of the vision of two different yet high-performing primary schools. Despite a significant social difference in the communities they served, the schools built on a collaborative ethos to form Ad Astra Academy Trust. Ad Astra meaning ‘to the stars’ and the strapline ‘stars in the making’ reflects our vision that every pupil and every member of staff can be the best they can be. Working in partnership from the very beginning this built a strong foundation for what we believe is an exciting and dynamic trust. In July 2015 the Department for Education awarded sponsorship status to Ad Astra Academy Trust. In August 2016 Ad Astra moved into their central offices close to major road networks. Ad Astra is also an active member of Allied an alliance of North East MATs.

The Ad Astra Academy Trust has provided effective support to improve the quality of teaching and learning and leadership. Staff have benefited from a range of trust network hubs to develop their skills. The range of school support services, such as human resources and estate management, enables school leaders to focus on curriculum development and the quality of teaching and learning. Opportunities for peer review in the trust, support school improvement and working beyond your own school.” West View's Ofsted Report October 2017

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“The work of the school has been strengthened and enhanced by the support received from the multi-academy trust, as well as collaborative work with other trust schools.” “High quality staff training, sharing of good practice within the school and with partner schools in the trust and a tangible energy to succeed underpins an ethos to ‘be the best’ for the benefit of the pupils.” West Park Primary School Ofsted Report January 2018

"Along with your leaders, governors and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Ad Astra Academy Trust, you have a secure understanding of the school’s strengths and priorities for improvement. Support from the trust has been well targeted and used effectively by school leaders. You and your staff are outward looking and draw on research and networks both within the trust and beyond." "The CEO of the trust has a firm grasp of the school’s strengths and areas for development. He has ensured that the school has received appropriate challenge and, where needed, support with the school’s priorities. Leaders have used this assistance effectively to contribute to improvements in early years, reading and attendance." Brougham Primary School Ofsted Inspection – June 2019

“Leaders know their pupils and families well. They have worked hard to develop their curriculum to reflect this. Trust staff have supported leaders to develop schemes of work that are in line with the aims of the national curriculum.” Rosebrook Primary School Ofsted report October 2019
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